Feature Film




RUDE tracks the lives and struggles of three young urban dwellers during one Easter weekend.

As the pirate radio disc jockey known as Rude broadcasts throughout a Toronto project, an artist named General arrives at the home of his wife Jessica after serving several years in jail for drug dealing. He’s there to reconcile with Jessica, who is now a police officer, and with the ten year-old son, Johnny,whom he didn’t help raise. Impeding his progress is General’s brother Reece, who covets his brother’s wife and still works for the neighbourhood’s racist white drug lord Yankee – who in turn wants General back in charge of the drug trade.

Meanwhile, the young boxer Jordan reluctantly accompanies his fellow athletes on a testosterone-ruled gay-bashing spree, even though he is beginning to believe that he may be homosexual.

As all of this is happening, the heart-broken window dresser Maxine face the dissolution of her relationship with her boyfriend after she has an abortion.